PX joins the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce

PX has joined the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce, an initiative organised by the Personal Finance Society to promote greater understanding of clients in vulnerable circumstances. financial vulnerability charter logo

The Taskforce has been established to not only support our profession in recognising and addressing the various forms of consumer vulnerability, but also to improve client outcomes and increase access to financial advice. It encourages appropriate behaviour through the sharing of good practice, and will also address the expectations of regulatory standards and public expectations.

By adopting the Financial Vulnerability Charter, we have committed to their nine core pledges.

We understand that vulnerability is something that can affect us all and in many ways – from a negative life event such as illness, loss of employment or divorce, to something positive but equally unexpected such as an inheritance or a lottery win. Our clients need to be assured that the professionals at PX who support you understand the consequences of such an event and know to continue provision of an appropriate and quality service in these circumstances.

That’s why we have agreed to comply with the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce Charter at all times.

Joining the Taskforce also gives us access to subject matter experts and a resource library from the Personal Finance Society. This enables us to keep you abreast of:

  • scams that target clients in vulnerable circumstances
  • the latest regulatory guidance
  • where you can seek advice if at risk of abuse.

We believe this is a valuable initiative, giving us extra support to safeguard, support and advise our clients. We hope that you can be sure we are working alongside our industry to help prevent scams or fraud, and keep your investments secure.

To arrange a confidential chat with one of our team about this or any other financial matters, please contact us.

For more information visit: www.fvtaskforce.co.uk. You can download a PDF of the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce Consumer Guide.