About us

Pension transfer specialist since 2002

PX has become a go-to pension transfer specialist – working across all types of UK pension schemes, including final salary schemes, to help optimise pension holdings. Our focus is to improve the overall set up of your pension arrangements and help you live a better retirement.

What does PX do?

  • We advise you on the options you have to help optimise your pension set up, by thinking innovatively and considering your stage of life, future aims and objectives.
  • We seek out a more appropriate pension solution, should it exist (compared to your current pension arrangement), and advise if a transfer of your pension makes financial sense. We will then help you exchange your existing pension arrangement for the more appropriate alternative.
  • We handle the ongoing management of your pension(s) to help ensure your funds are properly invested and working for your retirement.
  • We also provide ongoing wealth management of transferred pension assets to give you peace of mind through retirement.
  • We give you impartial advice, and have never accepted product-based commissions – so we’re always able to focus on your best interests.

If you already have a financial adviser we are happy to work with them to provide you with the specialist advice you need if it’s outside their usual field.

Reassuring pension transfer services from the pension specialists

Our founders were actuaries and financial advisers who had previous experience working with actuarial and pension consultancies. Our early work was focused on providing pension advice to expatriates and emigrants – which we still do – but over the years our UK-focused advice has become an important part of our business. We deal with expats around the globe. For Australian clients, we have a dedicated Australia office.

Today each of our advisers are AF7/G60 qualified as ‘Pension Transfer Specialists’, and we abide by the Pension Transfer Gold Standard. As a business we have the permissions to provide advice on ALL of the pension options open to you.

We now have 20+ years’ experience in providing pension advice to local and international clients and deal with the full range of pension advice, including lifetime allowance cases.

For direct clients, we also provide a full wealth management offering to help ensure that any pensions which are transferred are properly invested and managed on an ongoing basis with your retirement aims and objectives always in mind.

Our advisers are backed up by a professional and highly qualified administrative team.

Pension transfer specialist

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