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If you need advice on how to transfer your pension elsewhere then we can help. We’re a regulated pension specialist and help people with all types of pension advice, including final salary and safeguarded benefit pension arrangements, to achieve their financial aims in retirement… in the UK and overseas.

Transfer your pension with PX Pension Exchange

Making the most of your pension when you’re approaching retirement or have retired can be a daunting prospect – from understanding the tax implications to transferring the benefits to an alternative option, or even overseas. At PX we are one of the few companies in the UK with the permissions to provide advice on ALL of the pension options open to you – and can implement those changes for you. This website will give you an overview of how we work, so you can make a more informed choice of pension advisor.

How we help

Pension transfer

Find out more about the range of pension options open to you, and whether a pension transfer is in your best financial interests.

Pension transfer

If transferring your pension is the right step for you, then the specialists in our team who understand the complexities involved can make it happen for you.

Wealth management

Pensions are just the start. If you’re planning retirement or want your money to work harder then we can support you with a wider range of wealth creation and tax management strategies.

International pensions

We have been working internationally for 20 years, and are well-placed to help you if you’re overseas – with advice on international pension options, QROPS and more.

Lifetime allowance advice

What are your options if you exceed the UK Lifetime Allowance and potentially face paying more tax? We can look at your circumstances and provide advice.

International pensions

Pension types we work with

We’re able to advise on and transfer all types of UK pension schemes in the UK and overseas (such as QROPS). Typically you’ll have a pension such as a final salary pension, but we have full permissions to work with all types of pension arrangements.

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About PX Pension Exchange

The specialist in providing pension transfer advice on defined benefit and final salary pensions.

PX Pension Exchange is a specialist in providing pension transfer advice.

Typically we look at the options when you have a defined benefit or final salary pension, but our pension transfer specialists can help you with all types of pension schemes as well as QROPS.

If you are considering transferring your pension or would like to understand your options to ensure you are properly set up for retirement, then a free initial discussion may prove to be the best call you can make.

Our overriding aim is to ensure that your pensions are properly set up and working efficiently for your retirement. That means we consider your aims and objectives, and look at whether there is a pension alternative available which may be better suited to you – for example, transferring out of a final salary pension.

We have been doing this for 20 years, and all of our advisers are AF3/G60 qualified as pension transfer specialists and we operate under the Pensions Gold Standard in providing our advice. It’s a service focused around you, with a range of affordable service options.

We abide by the Pension Transfer Gold Standard.

gold standard pension transfer

We have never accepted product-based commissions and always focus on the clients’ best interests.

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Our professional team

Our team of experts have been specialising in the area of pension advice, including final salary schemes, on a daily basis since 2002. It’s our core business.

Darion Pohl Co-Founder and Chairman
Darion Pohl
Julie Hansen, Managing Director
Julie Hansen
Charlotte Barnes Operations Manager
Charlotte Barnes
Michael Hall Financial Adviser
Michael Hall
Alan Martin Financial Adviser / Pension Transfer Specialist
Alan Martin
Jean Sahman Senior Pensions Administrator
Jean Sahman
Daniel Bennett
Andrew Lowe Senior Customer Services and Operations Manager – Aust
Andrew Lowe
Jarrod Heideman
Catherine Harford Accounts Manager
Catherine Harford
Lindsay Sherman