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Do you have clients who need pension advice? Do you have clients with final salary or safeguarded pension schemes? Do they need advice on whether to retain these schemes or transfer to an alternative? PX Pension Exchange is ideally placed to assist in this situation.

Who we partner with

Financial planners
Other professionals

Why partner with PX Pension Exchange?

Ensure client retention

In the past, you may have been unable to advise or fully service your clients who have final salary pensions. This could have been due to a lack of in-house expertise in this area or not holding the relevant pension transfer permissions. By partnering with PX Pension Exchange, you can now give your clients access to all the UK pension services they need – ensuring their long-term loyalty to you.

Ensure your clients receive the correct advice

With our partnership, you can help ensure that your clients receive the correct advice and also understand the importance of retaining a final salary scheme for their retirement. Where a transfer is recommended, we have the full expertise to implement this on the client’s behalf.

Grow your funds under advice

For each new client we take on, who ends up having their pensions transferred, once our work is completed and the client’s funds are properly invested in line with the clients’ risk profile for their retirement, we are prepared for the client to continue their relationship with you from their point as their ongoing servicing adviser.

Post-transfer advice

Where required, we can also help look after your clients with highly specialist pension advice. This may include withdrawals and technical support.

A reliable and consistent service

PX Pension Exchange has a full in-house team of pension transfer specialists and administrators. We provide a consistent, reliable service for you and your clients.

No commissions

PX Pension Exchange does not accept commissions.

Fees deducted from pension transfer

Where a transfer is recommended, we do not require your client to pay our fees from their own bank account. Instead, our payment can come out of the transferred funds on a pre-tax basis when these reach the new scheme.

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