Professional Investment Managers Views on Coronavirus


There is no denying that the Global Coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted the global financial market. The UK share index (FTSE), for instance, declined by 16 percent over the week by March 12, and by 27.5 percent when you consider its performance in February 2020. Within the same time frame, the S&P also declined by 17.7 percent and 26.5 percent. These declines may be alarming to investors, so professional investment managers, including pension financial advisors are sharing their views and welcoming personal one-on-one consultations with their clients who may be concerned about their pension portfolios.

Knowing the views of professional investment managers and your pension financial advisor on the Coronavirus may provide you with some reassurance about the health of your finances. Notably, most financial experts believe that much of the media and the available market commentary on equity markets are associated with short-term movements in the market. Pension funds, however, are long-term investments, and despite the lack of a guarantee, history has proven that market volatility can improve over time and that the markets can recover invariably.

Your pension financial advisor will likely tell you that determined that a diversified portfolio can offer some protection and serve as a cushion against the impact of declining equity markets. That said, investment managers may recommend having a diversified portfolio that is tailored to your risk profile in the longer term. If you think that your risk profile evolved, get in touch with your financial advisor for a discussion. Long-term investors are encouraged to look at the bright side. Even if the virus brings the world economy to a recession, they are expecting economic activity to bounce back later, and additional factors could make it stronger.

Besides the Coronavirus, there are other factors that have impacted the markets around the world. These include US border closure to European flights except for the UK, and the oil price conflict between Russia and Saudi Arabia. The Coronavirus may be the underlying reason, but those factors led to more negative market sentiments these days. Professional investment managers expect the outbreak to affect consumer spending and industrial production.

Your pension financial advisor may offer some tips on how you can act and what you can do in times of uncertainty. Do not hesitate to get in touch with them for assistance.