• Can you advise me on UK Pensions which are Defined Benefit or which have Safeguarded/Guaranteed rights?

Yes. It is now mandatory for a UK-based advisory firm with appropriate pension permissions to advise on and transact any transfer from a UK pension scheme that is defined benefit or which has safeguarded benefits, where the transfer value exceeds £30,000. This follows the introduction of the UK pension reforms in April 2015, via the UK Pensions Schemes Act 2015. We have full authority to undertake this work.

  • Should I transfer my pension within/from the UK?

Often, transferring your UK company and personal pension assets will create significant tax benefits for you. Depending on your specific circumstances, though, this might not be in your financial best interests – get professional advice to talk through the options.

  • Should I cash out of my UK pension?

Whilst you may feel this is an excellent option to help realise your pension funds, it may not always be the best solution for you. In many cases, other strategies will be even more favourable for you.

  • Can you transfer pension funds which exceed country transfer limits?

Yes. By having access to the full range of pension products in the UK, including those which allow pension funds to be split prior to transfer, we can transfer pension funds of any size from the UK.


  • Can you explain Inheritance Tax? Will I be liable?

If the value of your worldwide assets exceed £325,000 then your estate may be liable to pay tax back to the HMRC in the UK at a rate of 40% of the excess on death. In many cases, this liability carries over from the UK even if you have emigrated. It is important to seek advice from a UK specialist on how to best minimise this liability. We would be pleased to assist.


  • What exactly is an Actuary anyway, and why do I need their help?

Actuaries specialise in calculating the ‘Cash Equivalent Transfer Value’ (CETVs) for final salary pension schemes. This means that when you talk to an actuary about your pension transfer, you’re getting a high level of expertise to make sure that your transfer value is fair, and that the transfer is actually in your best financial interests. Having an in-house Actuary helps us to review the transfer value offered and provide appropriate comment as to whether or not a transfer of your pension fund is in your best financial interests.

(Please note, the Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate actuarial services and our advice is not to be construed as being actuarial advice.)
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