How to Decide on Your Final Salary Transfer?

When you are enrolled in a DB (defined benefit) pension scheme, you may, at one point, be offered an option to transfer your DB pension to another type of pension scheme (commonly a defined contribution). This is called a final salary transfer, which is a huge and irreversible decision that requires a careful weighing up … Continue reading “How to Decide on Your Final Salary Transfer?”

Areas Where a Pension Financial Adviser Can Be of Help

A pension financial adviser can be a valuable addition to your retirement planning strategy as they can help analyse your financial situation and provide you with sound recommendations on how you can go about making plans for the future, particularly in terms of your pension. Whether it be choosing the right pension product or perhaps … Continue reading “Areas Where a Pension Financial Adviser Can Be of Help”

Professional Investment Managers Views on Coronavirus

  There is no denying that the Global Coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted the global financial market. The UK share index (FTSE), for instance, declined by 16 percent over the week by March 12, and by 27.5 percent when you consider its performance in February 2020. Within the same time frame, the S&P also declined … Continue reading “Professional Investment Managers Views on Coronavirus”

The Financial Turbulence Due to Coronavirus

  Global share markets have fallen hard in the past few weeks due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Understandably, this may cause feelings of uncertainty and worry about your investments and your pension. Consulting with a pension transfer specialist could enlighten you on the situation and help you make informed decisions on what to do with … Continue reading “The Financial Turbulence Due to Coronavirus”

Cashing in a Pension – Is It the Right Choice for You?

You become eligible to access your pension funds when you are 55 years old. You also have the option of cashing in your pension to change it to a flexible or guaranteed income any time. However, it may not be in your best interest to take as much as you please. There are certain parameters … Continue reading “Cashing in a Pension – Is It the Right Choice for You?”

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